Watershed Plan

Watershed Plan

A big part of revitalizing a stewardship group was to bring people together to develop a comprehensive Watershed Management Plan for Baptiste and Island Lakes.

Objective:  Engage governments, industry, and residents to increase awareness of factors that affect Baptiste and Island lakes and watersheds.  Protect and enhance the lakes and their watersheds for the long term health of Island and Baptiste Lakes.

Progress to date: Both Baptiste Lake and Island have good State of the Watershed Reports. We are now working on writing a Terms of Reference for the plan, developed by and agreed to by a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee.

The Terms of Reference will outline the vision for the lake's watershed, how everyone will work together (roles and responsibilities), identify priorities and the scope and scale of the planning activities. We will be engaging people who live, work and play at the lakes to help develop the Watershed Management Plan.

We are anticipating having the Terms of Reference ready for circulation by January 2016.

Diagram of Watershed Planning Process:


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